Dave Pickles

Founder and owner of the brand Dave W Pickles Ltd, that increases individual and team performance, wellbeing and relationships through tailored team energisers and unique varied shared experiences for corporate, sports club, third sector organisations and private groups.

Specialised areas include UK & International adventure experiences, online and face to face fitness, training, health & wellbeing sessions, pre-season military camps and team energisers in developing individuals and teams to know their self, method and mind; in order to increase personal and team performance, in incredible locations throughout the UK and globally.

Also Founder and owner of E.P. Global Events Limited including Guinness World Record breaking brands World’s Highest OCR, World’s Highest Marathon and ALTITUDE OCR specialising in extreme world record breaking sporting events worldwide for OCR, Adventure Racing, Tri-athalon and Ultra-distance running.

An expert in having organised and lead civilian and military expeditions in remote and austere environments throughout the world over the past 25 years in the jungle, arctic, mountain, altitude and desert environments. 

Ex British military, having served on international deployments including
Afghanistan, with a wealth of experience and knowledge that he has brought into the world of adventure, fitness, team energisers, leadership and staff development programmes, pre-season rugby and football military camps, bushcraft & Survival experiences and extreme sports.

Dave also provides guest speaker appearances to small groups and global
audiences in their thousands; highlighting how to thrive over survive in remote and austere environments, along with how it relates to the ever-changing business environment. First-hand accounts of extreme situations from mountain ascents to being on the front line in a military deployed environment.

As an accomplished mountaineer, combat medic and survival expert, Dave has summited the highest free-standing mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro, over 61 times (and counting) including running to the top and back down again as a 75km speed event. Taking over 3,000 people to the summit with a range of abilities and backgrounds over the past 22 years, along with organising and leading four Guinness World Record events in the crater, leaves no doubt that he is a world leading expert in everything that is successfully summiting and operating on the mountain of Kilimanjaro as a master summiteer and multiple World Record holder.

About Us

Working closely with Corporate organisations, Sports Clubs, Charity organisations and private groups, Dave W Pickles Ltd operates within the UK and Globally to provide tailored experiences and incredible outcomes. Increasing personal or team performance to increase quality of life sits at the centre of what we do. 

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