Team Profiling

Why us

It is all about you & your organisation

Finding the mechanisms and experiences that work best with you and your requirements. A blend of online and face to face sustainable individual and team performance energisers, including profiling, leadership development and facilitating outdoor fun, inspiring and dramatically effective experiences in great locations for you, your team and to also connect with your clients’

Enhance leadership and team performance

through tailored profiling & Team Energisers

Aligning our WHY

Is connectedness and integration important to you and your Team?

Do you value adaptability and agility personally and within your Team?

Is thriving under pressure essential to you and your Team?

What is the value of performance within your organisation?

Do you know what drives you and others?

Developing the Team Energiser through Spotlight

Understanding the objective and key aims in the planning stage are essential to develop and build the Team Energiser

Establishing measurable outcomes for a sustainable approach, that have performance enhancing results back in the work place
Spotlight profiling of the participants leading up to the event in order to highlight key areas of the individuals that are then woven into the Team Energiser

Profile and develop your Leadership Team and Staff through Spotlight

Are you curious in knowing more about yourself, the way in which you work and your mindset?

Are you interested in developing yourself and those around you to enhance performance and adaptability within the workforce?

These are just some of the questions that we can help you to explore by using Spotlight as a performance profile, that feeds into the Team Energiser.

We use the profile and Team Energisers to enhance:

  • Individual Performance
  • Team Meetings
  • Relationships
  • Mindset
Spotlight Profile

The COPE framework allows you to understand your MINDSET preferences and how to thrive under pressure to perform consistently.

The FLEX framework allows you to understand your BEHAVIOURAL STYLE preferences and how you can connect with people to enhance

Together, the Spotlight profile helps you to explore new ways of adapting within the workplace to thrive as a performer.

Expected outcomes of the Team Energiser pathway

Developing strong relationships between the participants through positive and dynamic shared experiences of the Team Energiser

Develop mental fitness, emotional resilience and physical health leading up to the Team Energiser, the event itself and post event
reflection and review

Enhanced performance of individuals and teams back in the work place

The TEAM energiser

Single or multiple day events throughout the year

Tailored to the clients requirements

Location of the event anywhere in the UK or overseas

A wide variety of experiences, activities and methods can be utilised based on over 25 years of bringing people and the outdoors together, to get the best out of both

Team Energiser review and development

Review spotlight to use as an onward tool to continuously develop all participants

Measure the impact of the Team Energiser with feedback from the participants and observations from the Leadership Team

Develop quarterly Team Energisers that evolve with the spotlight personal development programme

Deliver a one-to-one programme with each member of the Leadership Team and Staff; to continuously develop their self, method and mind individually and to others, by enhancing their own performance

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