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who as an International Keynote Speaker, Dave also partners with corporate and sports club organisations tailoring performance and development programs for individuals and teams to better know self, method and mind, to increase overall individual and team performance. Adventure plays a key part in the service delivery which also includes exclusive tailored experiences for Charities, private groups and VIP clients.

Founder & Director of E.P. Global Events Limited with the brands World’s Highest OCR, World’s Highest Marathon, World’s Highest Adventure Race and ALTITUDE OCR.

Dave combines his knowledge and experiences as ex-military and as a mountaineer, in leading expeditions throughout the world to remote and austere environments…

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If you have a speaker that has planned and lead remote wilderness expeditions to the arctic, jungle, mountain and desert environments worldwide, climbed some of the most challenging and highest mountains on the planet, served in the British military on the front line and designs and leads Guinness World Record Breaking extreme sporting events in extreme altitude globally, then you don’t need me.

If your last speaker has summited the Highest Free-Standing Mountain in the world over 61 times with an additional 14 summit rescues, then you don’t need me.

If your speaker is Co-Chairman of Global Sport Development for an Olympic Medal Event sport through World Obstacle, with also completing the World’s Highest Vertical Kilometre, World’s Highest Marathon and World’s Highest Ultra Marathon all in one day on the Highest Free-Standing Mountain in the World, then you don’t need me.”

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works closely with Corporate, Sports Club and Third Sector organisations providing face to face and online tailor made team energisers UK & Globally, to help increase personal and team performance through knowing self, method and mind, building strong health and wellbeing within sustainable relationships demonstrating measurable long term positive change.

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” Without Dave none of this would have been possible. Encouragement, guidance & kindness extends far beyond a trip. Dave showed my children how to overcome fears, learn about weather conditions, believe in themselves & succeed without any limits.”

Jayne – Shrewsbury

” Professionalism, Good value, Good quality, support in your well being and encouragement and a load of fun. Great people that was a real pleasure to spend time with, as always. looking for my next walk “

Hilary – London

” I felt safe and supported despite the rotten conditions and even managed to laugh a lot! I would highly recommend this company if you fancy doing something outside the box whatever your fitness level, as they are great at tailoring it to your abilities.”

Jackie – Tarvin

“Yorkshire 3 peaks. My first time walking with a guide & I thought it was great. I’d definitely recommend it. We didn’t have to spend time deliberating over a map & Dave set a pace which would enable us to complete the walk in the time, let us know what to expect at each point of the walk & kept us going. Thank you – a fun day with a great sense of achievement at the end”

Deb – Kelsall

“Just completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks … totally crippled but it was a hell of an adventure. Dave and his team are there encouraging you along the way, and make you feel safe on the trek. The group was mixed abilities but came together eat the stops and great banter was had by all 👍 Can’t wait time fo the National 3 Peaks now 😃

Pet – Kersall

“Dave Pickles is one of those special individuals that you may be fortunate to meet. He brings years of experience and knowledge to make you a fitter better person no matter what your level of fitness is. Whether it’s fitness sessions, uk walks or something more adventurous you don’t need to look any further than DWP. Dave makes the sessions fun although if he smiles at you, you’re going to work harder. However, smile back and enjoy it. It will make you better / fitter.”

Phil – Davenham

“I did the Yorkshire three peak challenge last weekend. The weather was horrible (I’ve been told that it can rain in Yorkshire). However, Dave and the team managed to make the trek enjoyable by being very professional and throwing jokes and banters along the way to lift the spirits. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and can totally recommend Dave W Pickles Ltd as an organiser if you are looking for walks in the UK or worldwide.”

Birgir – Iceland

“Myself & two friends took part in the 3 peaks challenge at the weekend. I knew from the get off that this would be tough in places but Dave managed to keep everyone going with his positive attitude and good humour. I especially liked the way he made the effort to spend a bit of time with everyone during the walk & get to know his fellow walkers that wee bit better. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dave to anyone I knew. I felt the cost was very reasonable & the atmosphere was very relaxed…would definitely go again & even look into other challenges on offer. Thank you”

Kate – Glasgow

“I did this trip with Dave in 2017. From start to finish it was the most emotional experience of my life. It was bloody hard, testing and satisfying. I choose the right company for my experience that goes without saying. I didn’t know anyone on the trip but from the end of day 1 I made friends for life and I genuinely mean that. I adore everyone of the team I walked with. If your looking for a challenge I would defo recommend this one”

Angela – Sheffield

“I went on a trip to climb Kilimanjaro. This was meant to be trip of a life time; and it was. Due to family and work commitments, not much time at all was dedicated to prep and research for this trip. However, great information was provided by David and all timely from showing an interest in the trip to reaching the top of Kili! Information flowed such as, Dave was always available to get that answer. Overall my involvement was minimal to payment and packing my personal kit and getting myself to the airport. David just made everything easy. The trip itself was amazing. Everything was taken care of. The morale was kept high by David and he kept an eye on each person just to make sure we were OK. The porters who carried our kit were also lovely to chat and have a laugh with, they also kept our morale high. The variety of climates one experiences on a trip like this puts the body to extraordinary lengths in a short space of time. But it was all worth it and I would do it again, if I had the time. I’d use again for any future adventure trip as they make it so easy.”

Andy – Rochester

“IF you’ve seen and have been inspired by the Comic Relief Kilimanjaro climb & are interested in finding out how you too could get close to this amazing mountain & have a wonderful adventure! If you wish to challenge & grow yourself in the company of other wonderful inspiring people then you need to meet Dave Pickles. We had the most amazing time. We were all from different backgrounds ,different age groups , different fitness levels, Dave brought us together as a TEAM! We laughed, cried, sang, stumbled, hugged and shared this amazing experience together. What you can’t see in the Comic Relief film are the amazing porters who carry the provisions, care for the climbers , encourage every step of the way and who make the journey so special. I reached the summit holding hands with Hilary – he sang softly for hours as we climbed the mountain in the moonlight and this was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life so far”

Toni – Leicester

“This was my first trek with Dave in September 2016. I am 100% certain I wouldn’t have submitted without Dave. He has summited Kilimanjaro over 50 times and his vast experience is very evident. His understanding of every emotion a trekker on this mountain is going through is uncanny. His ability to feed you enough information for a successful trek is invaluable. The pace is slow to allow safe acclimatising. Up until the summit attempt this feels like a trek that only gradually gets more challenging. Summit night was a whole level tougher but reaching the crater rim with sunrise felt like I was on a film set. Summiting was surreal (take plenty of photos) I descended quickly and enjoyed feeling the air thickening again at about the same pace the enormity of what I’d achieved really did start sinking in. I definitely have to do this one again as it still feels like a dream!”

Wendy – Llangollen

“It has been a privilege to walk with the people I have met. Many of them, friends for life. On my first trip I took my daughter to Machu Picchu. To share such an adventure with her was incredible and we will treasure the memories forever . It changes your mindset seeing the culture and a view if life in a different way . It’s hard to put into words how much Dave has changed our lives as a family for the better . Through meeting Sarah and then Dave I have travelled to Machu Picchu and Kilimanjaro & I have now reserved my third adventure.  This was my second trip this time I took my son , we loved it every second of it . Kilimanjaro is so much more than just the summit it’s the journey before and after . The people that care for you, the guides the trek the adventure folds out in pages like a chapter in front of you you can’t wait to turn the next page . The joy of this experience is you take it home with you and the feeling of such an achievement stays with you . I feel healthier, fitter and addicted to altitude. At the time it’s a tough challenge but to push yourself out of normal daily life and out if your comfort zone its an experience I will never forget . For me it’s about making the most of the time we are here and trying to stay fit as long as I can and share these incredible accomplishments in the knowledge the next adventure is out there. Without Dave none of this would have been possible. The encouragement, guidance and kindness extends far beyond a trip. I have seen Dave show my children how to overcome fear of heights, learn about weather conditions, believe in themselves and succeed without any limits. These are priceless travel experiences and we want to thank you for making our dreams come true for me and my family.”

Jane – Shresbury

“This was the experience of a lifetime and was fantastic! Every aspect of the trip for me was handled with professionalism and care with everyone’s safety and enjoyment paramount. The local guides and contacts were fantastic, plainly experienced and some of the loveliest people I have met. Walking at high altitude comes with its own risks but I felt that every step of the way our wellbeing and health was being looked after and I am happy to say I would trust my life to Dave and his teams on any of his trips. I got so many things form this trip, meeting new people, walking at altitude, spending so much time laughing and being able to mentally unwind. The achievement of reaching the top of the highest free-standing mountain in the world, seeing the sunrise over Africa, has and will stay with me forever. It has given me the mental strength to do other things in life and when things have got tough afterwards I have been able to say to myself “You walked to the top of the highest free standing mountain in the world, you have got this” and it has inevitably got me through. A massive thank you to Dave for this life changing experience and I can’t wait to go on the next one. Through meeting Sarah and then Dave I have travelled to Machu Picchu and Kilimanjaro & I have now reserved my third adventure.”

Chris – Frodsham

I had the pleasure of being part of the Explore Tanzania trip which was organised & led by Dave Pickles. Well what can I say about this trip other than ‘WOW’! It was absolutely amazing from start to finish and very much a trip and experience of a lifetime for me. The mixture of safari, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and relaxing on Zanzibar was just a perfect mix for the trip. The safari was a perfect start as this allowed the group to start to get to know each other and bond as well as start to decompress and relax whilst enjoying the amazing African landscapes and viewing more animals than you could imagine was possible including all of the big 5 – I know people who have been on much longer safari’s and not managed this. This was primarily down to the excellent knowledge of the guide that Dave had arranged for this leg of the trip. The accommodation each night was also something special and not to be missed. The main part of the trip is definitely the experience of climbing Kilimanjaro. The challenge of this shouldn’t be underestimated, however the sense of achievement standing at the top next to that famous sign is something that needs to be experienced to be believed. Following the exertions of Kilimanjaro, being able to relax in the lap of luxury in Zanzibar is just what the doctor ordered. The resort is of the highest quality with great food and really friendly staff. One of the main reasons that the trip went so well is no doubt down to Dave. Dave is the perfect leader for a trip of this kind, from the obviously meticulous preparation beforehand ensuring the itinerary and accommodation were second to none, to the support and encouragement he gave all of the group during the trip. Dave has undoubtedly got an amazing level of professionalism, experience and expertise in leading adventure trips of this kind as well as local knowledge which is best demonstrated by the respect that the local people have for him. Dave’s greatest strength though is his ability to keep the group motivated and ensuring that everyone is happy, knowing just the right time to have a bit of fun and the right time to be a bit more serious and focus on what is ahead. I would highly recommend Dave for a trip of this nature

Kiaran – Chester

A great experience from start to finish! Thank you ☺️

Mandy – Bury st. Edmunds


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