Customer Reviews

Jayne - Shrewsbury

" Without Dave none of this would have been possible. Encouragement, guidance & kindness extends far beyond a trip. Dave showed my children how to overcome fears, learn about weather conditions, believe in themselves & succeed without any limits."

Hilary - London

" Professionalism, Good value, Good quality, support in your well being and encouragement and a load of fun. Great people that was a real pleasure to spend time with, as always. looking for my next walk "

Jackie - Tarvin

" I felt safe and supported despite the rotten conditions and even managed to laugh a lot! I would highly recommend this company if you fancy doing something outside the box whatever your fitness level, as they are great at tailoring it to your abilities."

About Us

Working closely with Corporate organisations, Sports Clubs, Charity organisations and private groups, Dave W Pickles Ltd operates within the UK and Globally to provide tailored experiences and incredible outcomes. Increasing personal or team performance to increase quality of life sits at the centre of what we do. 

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